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Lois Berg is a force of nature, a chronicler of life and midwife of dreams whose music meets at the corner of real country and modern art. A captivating storyteller and dynamic performer, she is adept at capturing life at its most intimate and universal.

Lois is an amazing story a woman that was homeless for eight months and in jail and has moved into a bright future at the prestigious Mike Curb Belmont Music Business College. Lois has a family that has legendary country music roots. Lois is carving out a niche as one of modern country's most passionate and persuasive singer/songwriters. She has performed from New York to Memphis and is part of a worldwide compilation album released through http://www.gogirlsmusic.com/.

Her new album, White Trash Cookbook, is a snapshot of her ability to portray human nature in all its compelling complexity. Amid a stripped-down production that puts no curtains between artist and listener, she runs the gamut from "Canary In A Coalmine," a sexy rumination on a poisonous relationship to "Can't Stop An Old Cowgirl," which channels straight-up Johnny Cash in a tale about a woman with the strength to overcome just such a relationship.

A wild child from the get-go, Lois followed her instincts down any number of crooked paths, musical and otherwise. She is as captivated by the soothing regularities of the natural world as she is by the troubling vicissitudes of the human spirit. "I am influenced," she says, "by the view outside my window, by the squeals of little girls, by the wind and the songs of the bluebirds in the middle of nowhere, by my hand-me-down dog and my belief in second chances.

"My philosophy has always been that imagination is the preview of life's coming attractions," she says.. "I do know that it has been one amazing adventure so far. I still keep duct tape on the bedside table to tape up my dreams and bring them along as I take my little feisty ass over to Belmont to learn whatever I can to keep going."

She is at the moment laying out a short-term path for her music and her life that does both her dreamer's heart and her gypsy soul proud.

"This summer," she says, "I am packing up my dreams and my attitude and taking them on the road with my guitar. The sky's the limit."